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Tuesday, 19 October 2010


This evening, I go to the Triumph Owners' Motorcycle Club branch meeting in the pub in a village nearby. And when I get there, I think I am the only one attending, because there are no bikes in the car park.

And there are about ten bikers in the pub.

Reason? Well, the roads were a bit damp, and it was dark, and it's getting cold, and it had rained earlier, and ...

We're a Motorcycle Club, guys. We ride bikes. The clue is in the name.


  1. It's a wee bit nippy though Richard. And winter has officially arrived in Scotland because we had the first report of the Cockbridge - Tomintoul road being closed for snow.

  2. Maybe if you changed the club to a Triumph car club they would ride the bikes instead. I am rather fond of the TR3.

  3. @Don - don't say that! I told the guys in the club I was planning to ride to Newcastle next weekend. At first they thought I meant Newcastle Emlyn (a few miles from here) but then one asked - 'you mean Newcastle near Scotland? But it's snowing up there!' I hope he's wrong.

    @Gymi - that's not a bad idea. And the TR3 (and 3a and 4, 5 and 6) was a nice motor car, that's true. I always lusted after a TR6, but 99% of them are rustbuckets by now.

  4. It's only just autumn, for goodness' sake!

    Air temp was 2 degrees when I came out of my committee meeting tonight. Bit damp from earlier, clear sky, empty roads. Nice enough riding in summer gear, just broke out the neck tube this week. It'll be a while yet before the textiles and the winter gloves have to make an appearance, I suspect.

    Never really understood the seasonal biking thing, myself. Avoid snow and ice, but, other than that why wouldn't a biker want to be on...well, a bike...?

  5. Well, exactly!

    It's gone colder here, though. Last time I went to the meet it was in leather jacket and jeans and I was bloody cold on the way home (about 20 mins ride), so it was the textile suit tonight. The ride home was good - like you say, drying roads, moonlight, little traffic. Just enough to scrape the pegs on a favourite roundabout, possibly for the last time this year :)

    Happy days.

  6. Yeah, but if they get wet, they shrink.

  7. I'm calling the Police. She's been looking.

  8. hilarious! but i guess if you are going to have a few drinks in the pub, you should not be riding anyway.


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