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- George Washington

Thursday, 14 October 2010


All 33 miners safe.

Bloody heroes, the lot of them. Miners, engineers, medics, families - even the politicians. An operation that was, according to advice given to President Pinera at the outset, only 2% likely to succeed. 100% success, and completed within 24 hours.

Great news.

Right, I'm off to bed.


  1. Another continent, another hemisphere with which I have no other connections - and it still makes me feel very good. And isn't it nice to have 'them' under promising and over performing with no visible spinning. Resultado.

  2. For once, a genuine 'good news' story.

    I'm still shuddering at what might have been if it had happened in the UK last year and Gordon Brown had been involved.

    "Oh, it's just some bigoted coal measures ..."

  3. That was just awesome to see. Full marks to the lot of them, for everything, leading up to and including the International Rescue Super Fenix.

    Nice to see the president (and the Bolivian pres) mucking in like ordinary people, too. No wonder they seeem more popular than UK politicos.

    I can imagine Gordon Brown turning up (surrounded by MI5 agents), announcing that the collapse was all Thatcher's fault and that he was setting up two or three quangos to lobby vigorously for an independent report into whether a rescue operation could be scheduled for about 2018. Then raising a tax on windows and fireplaces to pay for it.

  4. In a suit, immaculately pressed but somehow fitted for someone else, and a tie in that serious-but-not-too-serious shade of deep lilac. He would shake the hand of each rescuee, and force a grin for the cameras. But never, ever, would he have hugged each of the 33, looked them in the eyes, smiled at them with pure joy, laughed with them, wept with them. I want a President like that.


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