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- George Washington

Monday, 25 October 2010

Made me laugh on a Monday

From Lamebook:


(Sorry for the image quality. It looked great before posting.)


  1. And I wish supermarkets had the balls to clamp able-bodied drivers who park in their "Disabled" parking spaces.

  2. Couldn't agree more. Anna is registered disabled and has a blue badge. I'm thinking of getting some stickers printed for those fit young areseholes who park in the disabled bays: "Thank you for taking my parking space. Perhaps you would like my disability to go with it?"

  3. Ought to add (apart from correcting my spelling of 'arseholes') that of course supermarket disabled bays have no legal status. They are a suggestion by the store that customers might like to park in a certain way, but if anyone feels like parking there the store has no sanctions to prevent them.

  4. Richard.
    The disabled bays in Scottish supermarket car parks are now legally enforced with £60 fines. The law came in this year.

  5. Thank you, Don. I didn't know that.


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