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- George Washington

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Angry Comments

I've just been over to the 10:10 website to look at the comments. Some of them are vicious. Here is a sample:

Your video was utterly satanic. You love the earth. You just hate people. What's your next project? A nice little film about Jews, Gypsies, and homosexuals?

'Oh well, we live and learn'? How arrogant.

You may live and learn, but thanks to you my family and I have been branded 'eco terrorists' , 'nazis' and people to fear. I have had abuse from members of the publc, needless to say the event I was organising for 10:10 has been cancelled as I fear for my personal safety and that of my two young sons.

I, unlike you, live on a working class housing estate where change is desperately needed, I, unlike you, do not have the money for additional security, or a convenient bolt-hole where I can feel secure. I have to face these people every day, and I hang my head in shame that I was ever associated with the organisation.

You are welcome to come and walk in my shoes for a few days, if you dare, you arrogant, condescending, bourgeoise idiots. Money, fame and notority cannot buy you out of this mess. Sadly, the World is now MORE at risk from the climate change deniers and their ilk - all because of your valiant attempts to push our cause back 30 years.

I hope you sleep well tonight. I won't.

Resign. All of you. With immediate effect. Before you do more damage.

I also take this as a direct threat to me and mine, well we'll see. Your message is quite straightforward...agree with us or we'll kill your kids. Enjoy flying around the World and using your multiple houses do you? Hypocrites!

I have taken your video as a direct threat to me and my family, I am undecided as yet what to do about it. I assure you that I will do doing something.

Over the last 18 months my belief in the efficacy of the the evidence for AGW has been severely tested as more and more untruths and exaggerations come to light. This video was the final straw. You are completely out of control and order. No more donations from me

Why have we not heard any more from the perpetrators of this extremely stupid video with its rather infantile humour. I am sure that the great many who have seen or are involved with those who have recently lost limbs and lives to explosions - whether in the UK or Iraq or Afghanistan or Spain - are not very amused. Disgraceful.

In common with a rapidly increasing number of people I have severe doubts over the AGW alarmism. Your film does nothing to promote your cause. Reasoned argument and sound scientific evidence will win out not the promotion of extremism. You have damaged your cause and should be ashamed of peddling such violence.

It is awful! Not funny either. I do care about the planet and try to ‘do my part’ but certainly ‘wouldn’t care’ to join the people who made those films. Convincing, persuading and educating is ok, blackmailing, bulling and blowing up, IS NOT!

I know people who spend some time every day checking the MOD website for the details of which brave serviceman/woman has died 'for Queen & country' that day.They do this in order to pray for them and for their poor families. Most of the fatalities in Afghanistan in recent months have died from IEDs. In other words they have been blown to smithereens. I mention this just in case" Franny, Lizzie, Eugenie and the whole 10:10 team" don't know. However, I fear they do know...but don't give a tinker's curse. "Oh well, we live and learn." Is that it? Does none of you care about the pain of others'? I would never have thought such a totally outrageous and despicable film could have been conceived of, let alone been approved and released.

people culling! brilliant idea!

The mini-movie campaign indicates a total lack of sensitivity. Further, whatever the intended message might have been, it does implicitly suggest that those who disagree with you should be blown up. If this had been aimed at people who are of a different race, religion, sexuality, etc, it would have been evidently grossly unacceptable.

Saw your video. Understood exactly what you were trying to convey, and what haters like you will do if you ever gain power.

In addition to the comments here and in the Guardian, and the very negative reaction from Bill McKibben, there are the charities who supported 10:10 in making the film but were horrified and "absolutely appalled" when they actually saw it. In the words from a spokesperson from ActionAid, "the moment this film was seen it was clear it was inappropriate." Fake outrage? I do not think so.

I like splatter movies and I have sense of black humour. But this was just stupid: CO2 is not absolute fact or science, it's political decision. And if you don't believe our political views you will explode. Disgusting, absolutely disgusting.

You mean that implicitly threatening people with death didn't play well? That's a real shocker! I don't care how "noble" a cause may be, arbitrarily wishing people dead is rarely funny and never morally justified.

Usual sententious rubbish from a single issue group. While tongue in cheek the "no pressure" line gives away the real game.

And so on, and on, for 73 pages. Go and have a read, if you have a spare hour or six.


  1. My personal favourite; 'You missed the mark on this one? No shit'.

    Twisted Root

  2. If anyone cares to write to the MD's/CEO's of the organisations/companies that sponsor this crap here are some of them,

    The Carbon Trust
    The Energy Saving Trust
    The Guardian

    Some of whom are tax payer funded. There is also a mention of Marks & Spencers being in on the Gig, I expect the BBC is also in there somewhere along the line misusing licence payers money.

    9/11 7/7 and now 10/10 all terrorists!

  3. @Anon: oops, missed that one. Says it all.

    @FH: Thanks for that list. If I get a minute, I'd like to put a list of all the sponsors onto the blog with email addresses and everything. Thart might encourage a bit of consumer action. Maybe not today though - Real Life (TM) has a few things lined up for me.

  4. Well, they seem to have finally issued something like a proper apology. It took this long, apparently, because the director of 1010 was at home with a young baby (presumably sans internet access?).

    Sony, by the way, have pulled their sponsorship altogether. Looks like Kyocera have, too. I somehow doubt this will all have blown over in time for their big day on 10/10/10...

    Can't remember which of the several threads on the subject mentioned "Franny" the person, but if you can put up with really annoying, right-on, right-up-themselves individuals, you might find this short clip of some interest:

  5. Was aware of Sony, but not any others. Good news. I managed to sit through the video clip. My dining table now has a chunk gnawed out of the edge. I can't imagine anyone I would less like to spend an evening with. She ticks so many right-on boxes (veggie, no car, anti-consumerist) that every conversation would be an exercise in enviro-bingo.

    Personal carbon footprint
    Solar heating panels
    Hand-knitted yogurt compost

    And all the flying she does these days, and the helicopter shots for the film and - it's all so justified, isn't it?


  6. It was the modesty-free "since directing the climate blockbuster" that did it for me.

    I thought to be a blockbuster, generally, people outside of art-house minorities and the Guardian editorial staff had to at least have heard of it...!

  7. Yes, that claim jarred a bit, didn't it? Dame Edna in a hand-knitted smock and Crocs.


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