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Monday, 18 October 2010

Aberlour 10-year-old single malt

A little while ago, I posted about The Balvenie Signature single malt whisky, which I bought in 2009, but kept for election night. Well, The Balvenie didn't quite do the trick. It tasted fine, but in the morning Gordon Brown was still convinced he could form a government and stayed put for several hours before conceding, so it can't have been that good.

My new best friend is this 10-year-old Aberlour. I thought that The Balvenie was going to be my all-time favourite Scotch, but I think we might have found a new No. 1. Soft and fruity, with a long finish*, it's the taste of Autumn. I could drink it until I turned into it. I've just had a look at their website (you have to prove you're 18 just to enter, which is quite exciting) and it seems that the 10-year-old that I have in front of me is in fact the junior of the range. There are 12, 16 and 18-year malts as well. It's probably a good thing that Morrison's don't stock them. I'd be ram-raiding them on a regular basis.

*I'm channelling Jilly Goolden here. Someone has to.


  1. Ablerlour is a very pretty place and they do fashion a jolly nice malt. Some of their nectar is matured in old sherry casks which is particularly nice on a winter's evening in front of a good black and white film. I recommend it.


  2. Bloody hell, I got a bit over-enthusiastic last night. Lovely stuff, but curiously it has the same after-effects as any other alcoholic drink. I am currently drowning in orange juice.

  3. I've not tried that Aberlour. Might give it a go. My favourite is still Glenmorangie. Just the original. They sell a 25 yr old but I think it's a bit pricey. They do a good tour if you're ever up north of Inverness :)
    I've just re visited their website and it seems to have been revamped from what I remember of it.
    It also asks for your age. Don't have a look until your hangover is cured though Richard. All strong colours and revolving circles.
    No seriously...


  4. If you like Glenmorangie (I do - it was my previous favourite before I sampled the Balvenie) then you will love the Aberlour. It's similar to the Glenmorangie, i.e. not difficult or challenging, but with a bit more body and flavour. Crikey, that website! A cross between a 1960s psychedelic light-show and a dungeons'n'dragons game. Luckily, I took some paracetemol an hour ago and I was able to watch it without too many problems, but a classic case of over-design, I think. Web designers - just because you can do Flash, doesn't mean you have to. Too many websites have a bandwidth-hogging, time-consuming Flash intro these days. The Triumph accessories site is a prime example. Takes you ten times as long as it should to find information, while boxes slide in and out of view and images cascade across your screen. Pah.

  5. It's a pretty site though :)
    Maybe it's supposed to be viewed while drinking one of their whiskeys !

  6. Well, I find that drinking whisky improves most things. I said most.


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