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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Oop North

Tomorrow I leave Westest Wales to go Northwards to Newcastle for a family wedding. I have a pretty route planned for the way there, and an even prettier one for the way back. The fuel tank is filled, the chain is oiled, the tyres are pumped up, and the wedding suit is crushed in to one of the panniers, along with the smartest shoes I possess. And a tie, probably.

I am taking the lapdog with me, as the hotel has indicated there is free wi-fi (probably in the bar so you will drink more, but that's fine by me). But it's a family occasion, and I don't get to see them very often, so I may post from Tyneside and I may not. Play nicely while I am away.

Oh, and by the way I am taking this with me:

It is in case anything needs lubricating while I am away.

In case you are wondering, it is no longer a can of WD-40 maintenance spray. It has had its insides taken out and replaced with a stainless steel flask, capacity about a quarter of a bottle. It is currently brimming with Famous Grouse.

It was made for me by one of my friends in Denmark, who is a fabricator by trade, and it has his name engraved on the base. Other than that, you cannot tell that it is not the real thing (until you pick it up, of course, as it is way heavier than it looks). If you take the red cap off, the white squirty button is still there; it just doesn't do anything. It would take a proper examination to discover that it wasn't an innocent can of light oil spray. Apparently, the Police in Denmark don't like people travelling with alcohol about their persons, so motorists and bikers have to resort to subterfuge if they want to take a snifter with them. I am taking it as a specific against hotel bar prices.

Anna wants to know if I dare to go into the main hotel bar with it and ask "could I please have some soda to go with this?"

Heh. I'll let you know.


  1. Like Wd-40 Famous Grouse smells good sprayed on your engine fins.

  2. Never tried whisky. One day ...

  3. Ah, WD40 - famous for freeing rusty nuts.

  4. You've been talking to my doctor ...

  5. That particular brand is for loosening tongues.

  6. How cool is that?

    Does your mate in Denmark happen to produce the occasional one for commercial disposal, by any chance?

  7. Very cool, I would say :)

    I will ask him, but there was a lot of work involved and I suspect that a 'commercial' price would be way beyond what someone else would be prepared to pay. I will ask, however.


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