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- George Washington

Saturday, 9 October 2010

What Will You Be Doing On 10/10?

10 October 2010, a 'Global Day Of Doing', according to 1010global.org.

Leaving aside the raunchier interpretations of that phrase (how do you make it last a day?), I wonder what we will all be doing tomorrow?

I have had two excellent bonfires of fallen leaves this week, during which I created enough smoke to fill the Millennium Dome twice over. But I doubt if I will have time to do that on Sunday. Here's my plan:

1. Monster breakfast at the café at Withybush Airfield, in the company of some fellow members of TOMCC. Black pudding, bacon, eggs, sausages, toast, coffee - how many sacred cows bite the dust in just one meal? And of course by eating there we are supporting the local flying club. Flying - the worst contributor to climate change, according to 10:10 director Franny Armstrong, although she is not averse to a lot of flying herself if she feels the need, of course. It's OK when they do it.

2. Ride-out to Tan-y-groes in Ceredigion. Only 30 or so miles, but I will be sure to wind it on big-style and create as many unburnt hydrocarbons in the atmosphere as is humanly possible.

3. Visit to the Internal Fire Museum of Power, for their End-of-Season Crankup, where we will enjoy a day of looking at various stationary engines going duff-duff-duff and generally creating noise and smoke. We had this visit planned long before 10:10 was announced, but it couldn't be more appropriate, really.

4. Swift ride home, killing a few foxes and badgers if they get in the way.

5. Massive bonfire if time allows.

I'm going to a harp concert (the plinky-plonky kind, not a harmonica recital) at the village church in the evening. It's not promising from an anti-environmental point of view, as I will only be sitting and listening, but I will try to think up some way to increase my carbon footprint while I am there. Perhaps I will set fire to some of the less-tasteful kneelers, or the vicar's cassock.

Whatever you do, make it smelly and noisy. And whatever you are driving or riding - give it some. No pressure.

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