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Friday, 22 October 2010


Last week, a regular visitor to this blog was kind enough to send me a couple of satnav cases (for using a car-type satnav on the bike) that were surplus to his requirements. The day that they arrived, I went out to a pub meet with the TOMCC. And there, another member was kind enough to give me a Scottoiler that he had installed on his own bike and didn't like. He didn't want anything for it either.

Anna always says "never two, but three" (she's superstitious like that), so I was waiting for a third desirable-but-entirely-free-of-charge goody to fall into my lap. Instead of that, something even stranger happened.

I went in to my previous employers this morning for an interview. It went reasonably well, but it will be a week before I find out if I was successful. I got home and was having some lunch when I got a call from a friend who I haven't spoken to for a couple of years. He is leaving his job as Regional Manager for a tourism company, and his employers have asked him to suggest someone suitable locally to replace him. He called to ask if I would mind if he put my name forward to them. As this job would pay a lot more, and come with a company car and other benefits, I didn't really hesitate to say yes. It sounds like a great job, but the timescales are wrong and it may not work out, so I'm not holding my breath. But it was nice to be asked.

Two nice bike freebies, and then two job opportunities, all coming just when I needed them.

Now I just need a bit of luck.


  1. Why would someone not like a Scottoiler?

  2. He has the EFI version of the Bonnie and said that it made the bike run rough. I can't see a reason for that, but I wasn't about to argue with him :)

  3. Sounds like there is a portion of lucky sod about your person already mate ,but break a leg as they say in the theatre, remember all of life is a stage....scottoiler...(jealousy tinges an otherwise perfect being...LOL)

  4. Indy - After the events of the last couple of years, I'm due for a bit of luck! 6 months of unemployment has done me no good. Fingers crossed I will be through that soon. Thanks, though. The Scottoiler isn't quite as good as it sounds - he took it off the bike and gave me the main bits, but I will need to hunt around the oddments box for ways to fit it to the bike and the swingarm.

  5. If it's a Mark VII, I've got a set of spare mounting brackets for the reservoir, although unfortunately nothing for the dispenser nozzle (cable ties are usually good enough for that, though).

    I'll forward you a pic of the two options, again, you'd be welcome to them if they're any use!

    It did take Scottoiler a while to sort out the vacuum tube attachment for FI bikes properly: until they did, it was quite possible to get a non-working Scottoiler and a badly-fuelled bike out of the xeperience. Possibly the original owner either had an older kit or had it fitted with the wrong vacuum adapter?

  6. I suspect the guy wasn't too sure about what he was doing, so it's possibly a the EFI compatibility problem or simply pilot error. Either way, he was adamant he didn't want it, and it would have been rude to refuse. I think I have some frame mounts from previous Scottoiler installations, so I'm probably OK for that. Getting it securely on the swingarm is going to be a bit more of a challenge. Cable ties were my first thought, but may not be secure enough. I will hunt through my box of redundant Scottoiler bits (they send loads, don't they?) and let you know. Thanks for the offer.

  7. They certainly do. And you're right, it would have been terribly rude to turn him down!

    PS: Meant to add - good luck with the job offer!

  8. All I can say is synchronicity.

  9. @Endo - thanks!

    @Gymi - yep, looks that way. I'm just waiting for TWO nymphomaniac blondes with Ferraris turning up on the doorstep on the same day now.

  10. From a purely selfish perspective, what will happen to my regular on the hour blog current affairs news feed if you are at work all day?

    Come on all you Richard fans, let's each paypal him £1 per month....that makes £396 p.a. then?

  11. Nikos, you're right. Since I have been 'resting', I have been doing more and more on this blog. It's one of those things that rewards you more, the more you put into it. If/when I go back to full-time work, I will have to cut down on blogtime. May I suggest a subscription to The Times paywall? More reliable, better women, more variety ...

    33 fans - that's a bit generous, isn't it? 3, more like.


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