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- George Washington

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Places you have to visit 2

Taken in Oregon by a contributor. Yes, it really does say "Wanker's Corner".

Eat here or Macdonald's? It's a toss-up.


  1. I'd go to whichever is handier.

    (Initially I was not going to respond to this one! but I suddenly got the urge!)

  2. You're not going to palm me off with that old excuse? It rubs me up the wrong way.

  3. I gotta hand it to you...I'm ROFL.

    And now for something completely different:

    Any advice on refurbing brake calipers? My GS front pads (4 in total) all seem to have completely different wear rates so should I change all the rubber seals and pistons (8 in total)?

  4. If the pads are wearing unevenly, that's a sign that the pistons aren't pushing like they should. As long as the pistons are in good order (which you will find out when you dismantle), then a seal kit and a good clean should sort it out. New pads, of course! If you send me your email address (in Profile) I can send you a link to a how-to I did for someone on another forum. That needed to be pretty basic, so it may be a grandmother/eggs situation, but let me know.


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