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- George Washington

Saturday, 2 October 2010

A Hint For Christmas

I loved this video (sorry, can't embed it): two brothers 'steal' their Dad's old 1969 Norton Commando 750 and have it fully restored for him in time for Christmas. It's a real beaut, and he didn't know a thing about it.

Great to watch if:

1. You are a sentimental old git, or

2. You like the look and sound of old British bikes.

Both will apply in some cases :)

H/t to Kenneth K of Norway, on the Triumph Rats Forum.


  1. Yesterday I was up in arms wanting to put my military experience into play regarding the despicable idiots at 10:10 and today I am getting all emotional about a bloody motorbike you knob, what a great story, even though I used to ride a Lambretta, sorry about the 'L' word I guess you don't like bad words like that on here.

  2. Lambrettas are good. I had my first crash on the back of one.

    Actually, although I was firmly of the 'rocker' persuasion back in the day, I now wave at absolutely any two-wheeler I see - bikes, choppers, scooters, twist'n'gos, mopeds, Velosolexes ... you name it. The only ones who don't wave back routinely are:

    1. Students from the local college on twist'n'gos, who are probably wondering what that beardy old bastard is doing perving at them

    2. Harley riders, who are too cool to wave at a mere bike

    3. Über-tourers on BMW GSs and the like, who clearly feel I haven't spent enough money on my ride. Living near the A40 on the way to the ferry at Fishguard, I see a lot of these, and none has waved at me yet.

    It was a good story, and I have to admit it brought a lump to my throat too.

  3. Enjoyed watching that. Quality restoration job, and it's good to see people being nice to each other on t'internet for a change.

    Speaking of being nice: I got a wave off a new BMW rider just the other day - guess he must've mistaken me for someone else!

    Apropos waving to all fellow members of an endangered species...
    I spend probably more time than is healthy browsing the web: and see a good deal of talk on both cuts and energy savings, yet I can't remember the last time I saw anything outside biking circles promoting the use of PTWs. Anyone know if the DfT has even heard of motorcycles, or if the government have an opinion on them?

  4. I despair of this, too. Fuel usage, emissions, congestion - bikes (OK, PTWs) have it all the way. And yet not a dickybird from anyone in government. If one third of the commuters in London changed to two wheels, the congestion would vanish overnight. But I have heard it said (not recently) that no government could possibly promote two-wheelers owing to the increased accident risk.

    They may have a point. And as long as I can whizz through traffic jams and be on my way, do I care?

    Perhaps the BMW rider was partially-sighted. Many of them are.

  5. Ha Richard, ref. point 2, I was riding my MZ when a Sportster rider waved at me, mistaking my single cylinder "rack of toast" Commie 2-stroke engine for the forward cylinder of a Hardly-Ableson. It's difficult to make a gesture which retracts and negates a wave, but he managed it. Must be HOG training!

  6. Hehe. Like the one that starts as a wave to someone in the street, but ends up as a smoothing of the hair when you realise it isn't Dave from the pub?

    Perhaps you were just riding your MZ with the right 'attitude'. Good on yer.

  7. I can assure you that if I had an old Commando I would notice if it went missing.....

  8. Yes, I wondered that. It was in the basement in bits, but surely he would have noticed the empty shelves and the extra space on the floor? I suspected he would know all about it, but his reaction at the end seemed genuine enough.

    Mind you, if you or I had a 69 Commando, we'd probably be riding it.


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