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- George Washington

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Chilean Miners - nearly there

According to the BBC, the rescue of the trapped Chilean miners will start tonight at 23:00 UK time (20:00 local). I remain impressed by the level of preparation that has gone into the rescue plan. The specially-constructed rescue capsule has already been down the shaft almost to the bottom without a problem. It is designed so that if there is a glitch, the miner inside can detach the cage from the capsule and safely lower himself back down. The miners will all be wearing harnesses that will monitor their vital signs during the ascent. And, of course, the Plan C drilling is still going on. That will only be halted, I guess, when the last guy is out.

By this time tomorrow, many of them should be above ground and safe. Then, I suspect, their ordeal with change from something that they are familiar with - surviving underground - to something completely other - dealing with fame and the media, and rebuilding relationships with their loved ones. I hope I'm not being pessimistic, but I can see a lot of trouble ahead for the miners. Getting them to safety will only be the start.

A journalist, Alejandro Pino, asked the miners to give him a single word that he could use in helping them to prepare their speeches after they resurface. What word, out of all the thousands that would have fitted the situation, did they choose?



  1. Your blog title sort of describes the miners rescue story, doesn't it :-)

  2. I can just hear the Thunderbirds theme tune playing in the background....{fingers crossed}

  3. In-Ter-National Re-Scue!!!

    Yup, spot on.

  4. Uh-uh-uh yeah, M-M-Misser T-Tracey!

  5. The mole did a cracking job Brains! We'll let you flirt with Tintin now....


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