If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.

- George Washington

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Anna Raccoon

Via Leg Iron and GOT I hear that Anna Raccoon has closed up shop. I am very sad to hear that.

Anna Raccoon was one of the first political blogs I ever read, and it was one of the best. Broadly Libertarian in outlook, Anna (and her team) covered all kinds of subjects, but the abiding memory is of the defence of the weak against the powerful - fighting for pensioners facing local authority lawyers, exposing the injustices of the Court of Protection, raising money for those unjustly imprisoned. While most of us blog to hear the sound of our own voices, and chat amusingly but ultimately pointlessly about things that entertain or irritate us, Anna made a real difference.

I don't know why she has gone, or if she'll ever be back, but I am assured she is fine and has just decided to do other things with her life. She was one of my daily 'must-reads' and I will miss her. I hope she reconsiders, and I will keep her in my bloglist, even though the site has been taken down.


  1. I noticed that Richard. Hope she's ok. No warning or anything. She got the council to stop that fine the other day on the pensioner who dropped some ash.
    Maybe another anti smoker had a go at her or something.

  2. She got involved in all sorts of issues, and often at quite a high level. I'm wondering if there is some kind of legal challenge behind it.

  3. Anna explains all now over at GOT

  4. What site is GOT?

  5. Sorry, that's Grumpy Old Twat, here.


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