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- George Washington

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

No Pressure - MP responds

On 1 October, I wrote to my MP, Stephen Crabb, regarding the No Pressure video. This was the reply I received yesterday:

Dear Richard,

Thank you for your email of 1st October regarding the video film 'No Pressure'. I appreciate you bringing this video to my attention and I completely understand your concerns.

I was very shocked to watch the video and I agree that it is extremely tasteless. I will discuss this matter with my colleagues as it is very disappointing that such a supported and well recognised campaign has produced advertising that many people will find distressing.

I will be in touch if I receive any further information about this matter. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of any additional assistance or if you have any further concerns.

Kind regards,


Stephen Crabb MP
House of Commons

Well, at least he agrees about the nature of the film. It was a pity that he didn't address the main point of my letter, which was the amount of public money going to support this misanthropic and thoroughly nasty scam. A reply will be made in due course.


  1. At least you got a nice reply Richard so fingers crossed that it raises the profile of the video in Parliament.

  2. I've never been one for 'writing to my MP', mainly because whenever I have done it (very rarely) I have either not received a reply or found the reply insulting. I wrote to our previous MP, Jackie Lawrence (Lab) on the foxhunting issue, and got a reply back that said, in effect, that I was wrong and she didn't have to listen to me anyway. I was thrilled when she was kicked out in 2005. But Stephen Crabb seems a much better proposition.

  3. I had a similar response from my MP. I asked:-

    "Does our Government condone the apparent blowing-up of school children who question whether AGW is a reality, in order to 'pursuade' the other children in their class to believe the propaganda?

    Please provide an unequivicable answer of either "yes" or "no"."

    This is the response:

    "Thank you for writing to me. "No" is the answer.

    All the debate on this issue should be based on firm scientific evidence. This sort of video doesn't help.

    I cannot speak for the Government, as I am not a Minister. However, I am certain that they would not support this kind of material either, and I will write to Ministers to bring this to their attention. "

  4. Richard - "I've never been one for 'writing to my MP', mainly because whenever I have done it ....I have either not received a reply or found the reply insulting."

    I recommend contacting your MP via:-


    Your enquiry is logged; and, they follow up by asking if you had a response, and, whether you were satisfied with any response.

    Few MPs would dare not respond, their response-rate is a matter of public record.

    You might not get the response you desired, but at least it ensures they earn their crust.

  5. Thank you Joe - that is in fact how I contacted Stephen Crabb, after I had forgotten how the House of Commons email addresses were configured and couldn't be arsed looking it up. It worked well. When I last wrote to my MP, there were no such things as websites helping you to contact people like this one (another brilliant one is FixMyStreet). That was probably in the days of the pay-per-minute dial-up connection :)

  6. Response from your MP - that's pretty good. No complaints there.


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