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- George Washington

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Autumn Leaves

Another low-carbon post brought to you by Gardeners For Global Warming:


  1. Good man. Ghosts from an enchanter fleeing nuffin. Those things bring disaster and death on bends.

  2. I'll try to leave the incinerator behind when I have my next ride. It was scuffing the paintwork anyway.

  3. It's good to light the incinerator with petrol...the lid usually blows up about six feet with a satisfying "whooooooooff" sound.

  4. I'll do a lot of things, but that's not one of them. Diesel is my personal limit. Lots of it. When I used to live hear Hull, there was a local chap who decided to use petrol to start his bonfire one Nov 5th. He died horribly, and I took that as fair warning.

    But yeah, the sound is good :)

  5. Point taken. I stopped making model rockets when my two stage design went wrong and chased a pregnant woman around my friend's patio. I had however warned the audience to stay inside...I would not like to carry the lifelong burden of guilt for being responsible for death or serious injury.
    The "whooooooooooooff" sound came from a soul mate pyromaniac neighbour one autumn and was followed by his wife screaming at him words along the lines of "are you trying to make me a widow ?". Typical (Surrey)woman - she was more concerned about herself than him...

  6. Model rockets! Now there's something I have never tried ... I did set my step-daughter's jacket on fire one Nov 5th when a roman candle fell over and started firing burning blobs at the house. They were all standing the regulation 20m away (ish), but this was a BIG firework. It was about ten years ago, but she mentioned it only the other day, so it must have made an impression.


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