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- George Washington

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Poll Results

Here are the official, validated and scrutineered results of the poll that has been sitting on your right for the past week. There were 24 responses, which makes this highly scientific.

Did you ever ride a motorcycle?

No way, too dangerous 3
Once or twice 1
Used to have one 6
Have one but rarely use it 5
Ride regularly 3
Ride every day 6

Quite encouraging. The fact that 1 in 8 would never go on a bike because of perceived safety fears is disappointing, of course, but reflects quite accurately what a lot of people think. I have offered a ride (take that the right way) to many friends and relatives over the years, and most have declined with a snort. "No way are you getting me on that bloody thing" is an approximation of the average reply.

20, or 83%, own a bike, or have owned one in the past. That's not surprising for readers of a blog that mentions bikes as the first item in its header image. But who are those poor souls, 11 in number, who either had one but got rid of it, or have one but hardly use it. Shape up, people!

(And, if you used to sprint about on a sporty little Honda but now satisfy your baser urges with a Jaguar, then just bear in mind that the bike is far more manly. Yes, I'm talking to you.)

The 9 people who ride regularly, or even every day, are the happiest and most fulfilled of my readership. I can tell that from just sitting here. (I suppose that should be 8, as one of them was me. I couldn't resist.) However, a total of 14, or over half, have a bike and use it sometimes. This is most promising.

Totally unscientific, pointless and a bit of a waste of time. Look out for the next one.

And thank you to everyone who took part.


  1. Bugger - didn't notice it. Ex-Biker, until a right-turning car driver graciously allowed me to T-bone him.

    I firmly believe that owning a motorcycle license should be a pre-requisite to being allowed to drive a car. Nothing teaches road-users to be vigilent & observe both the traffic & the physical road conditions like having been on two wheels.

  2. Give me a Harley over a Jaguar any day.

  3. @Joe - no worries, you can always participate in the next one. It will be on knitting, or something. Bad luck with the car accident, and sorry it has forced you off two wheels and (I presume) onto four. I agree totally about the bike/car training thing. In the days when almost everyone had a year or two on a bike before taking up the car, I'm sure drivers were more considerate of two-wheelers' needs, and probably better drivers as well, aware of road surfaces and so on.

    @Rob - I would agree, and I'm not even American. Jags are fine cars, but they are - cars.


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