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- George Washington

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Yorkshire joke

Albert Hebblethwaite's wife had died, and he went to the stonemason to get her a nice headstone.

"What shall Ah write on't stooan then, apart from't name, dates and suchlike?"

"Well, Ah suppose tha could put summat religious."

"Like what?"

"Well, Ah dunno really. What abaht puttin' She was Thine?"

"Champion. Come back in a week."

So Albert goes back to the stonemason a week later to see the headstone. The stonemason unveils it, and Albert is upset to see that he has carved hs wife's name, her dates, and She Was Thin."

"Tha daft bugger, can't tha see that tha's spelt it wrong?"

"What's wrong wi' that, then?"

"Tha's missed the 'e', thi daft ha'porth."

"Oh aye, sorry like - sithee in another week, then."

Albert returns the following week to see the stone again. And there, carved in golden letters on polished granite:

Mabel Hebblethwaite
20th October 1924 - 26th May 2009
Beloved wife of Albert

Eeeeee, She Was Thin

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