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Saturday, 6 March 2010

Got the horn


The XT's horn was getting more and more feeble, like an asthmatic wasp having a panic attack. I don't use the horn much, but when you need to use it, you really need it, so I decided to treat it to a new one.

It's a Stebel, about ten times the size of the crappy Yamaha one, and weighs a ton. But bloody hell, is it loud! The package says 112dB at 2m, and I can well believe it. That's like being under 300m from a jet taking off, and close to the threshold of pain. It's also got a nice 'honk' sound, rather than the feeble 'beep' of the original.

Halford's. Fifteen quid. Bargain.


  1. "asthmatic wasp having a panic attack"

    I love that. Look forward to me slipping it in to my blog.

    The horn on my MGF is a bit like that, and like you, I rarely use it, but when I do, it needs to mean something, not sound like a goat with a strangulated hernia trying to fart.

  2. "a goat with a strangulated hernia trying to fart"

    Or even worse, succeeding. I'll do you a swap. Fair?

    Seriously, if you have a car, and therefore a lot more room for these things, the Stebel Nautilus is the thing to have. It's way louder than the Magnum and apparently commands considerable respect from transcontinental articulated trucks. It draws so much current it needs its own relay, but apart from that it should be on your wishlist.


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