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- George Washington

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Decision Time

Well, Anna and I have had a pleasant lunch and done a bit of gardening together, and we have had a chat. I didn't know how I was going to approach this, so I did my usual thing of blurting it out.

She's fine about it. She doesn't like the idea of never riding on the back of the bike again, but she is realistic enough to know that it isn't likely to happen. Certainly not the long-distance South-of-France-and-back trips that we were planning. She's aware that the bike is hardly being used and is slowly deteriorating, and that Spring is a good time to be selling.

So we have agreed: the Pan will be sold, and will be replaced with something more appropriate for my (and our) needs. I will make sure that any replacement has a decent pillion seat, so that if she does fancy a whizz round the County it will be possible, even if not in the armchair-like comfort of the Pan's generous rear seat.

I'm very relieved, to be honest. I've been aware of the Pan sitting reproachfully at the back of the house, with no reason for me to take it out that the XT couldn't fulfil more economically and easily, for a few months now, and wondered how to resolve it.

So, onwards and upwards. What's next, I wonder?

Here's a rare one of them both together, just for the record (click for big):

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