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- George Washington

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

On the road again

It's still cold here, but not as bitingly cold as recently. The last week or so has been consumed with a family funeral (Anna's mother died a month ago and the funeral and memorial service were on Monday). This has meant a lot of to-ing and fro-ing in the car, which is never good for my equanimity. I have also been suffering with a head-cold, which has left me tired and with my nose streaming like a tap.

Today, however, I had an errand to run into town and thereabouts, and took the XT. With its newly-overhauled front brake and the tyres at the correct pressure (I hadn't checked them for ages and they were down by about 20%), the bike was a pleasure to ride.

Cobwebs blown away, cabin fever cooled a little.


  1. Spring is right around the corner, lets ride...

  2. Yup, the weather seems to be improving. Bloody slowly, but improving. I have some plans for this summer, and they all involve bikes.


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