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- George Washington

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

St Patrick's Day

My stepdaughter and her family went to live in Ireland a couple of years ago. They love it there. We went to visit them, and we loved it too. I have never felt so welcomed by complete strangers, and we had a craicing time. I have a big soft spot for the Irish.

But you have to admit this is funny:

H/t Mr Eugenides


  1. ooooh! I'm looking forward to this laugh but unfortunately the clip won't run. Is the link compromised? I guess I can find it re: search "Museum of Irish Heritage".

  2. The link works fine for me. If you click the caret at the bottom right of the window, you get this, which is the direct URL:


    Hope that works for you (and that it was worth it, after all).


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