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Friday, 12 March 2010

Six Little Ducks

I took the XT out today on an errand for Anna (she had forgotten to return something very important to the hospital after a physio session this morning, and didn't want them to think she was a criminal). And while I was in the hospital car park, I noticed this:

Six little ducks, all in a row. (The '69' on the trip is pure coincidence, honest.)

That makes about 4500 miles in my ownership. And I think I finally have the reliability sorted. The bike has run faultlessly for several weeks now. Regular readers will remember that I was contemplating taking it to Denmark, or even just round Britain last Autumn. I'm very glad I didn't, as several faults emerged late last year that would have been show-stoppers on a long trip. But each 'issue' has been tackled and sorted, and now I think we have a reliable bike for the Summer.

Famous last words.

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