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Monday, 23 May 2011

Ride To Work Day, 20 June 2011, update

Remember that 20 June 2011 is Ride To Work Day. If you have a rusty old C15 in your shed, or a GS1000 under an old sheet that you never seem to get the time to ride these days, or a Speed Triple that you only ever ride on sunny weekends - then

Ride it on 20 June!

Show everyone you are a rider. Tell them how great it is. Tell them it costs less then commuting in a car, it's far quicker than a car - especially in towns and cities - and it's way more fun. Tell them you can park six bikes in the space required for one car and that if only one person in three changed to riding a bike to work, congestion would be a thing of the past. Tell them that it rains far less than you might think* and that the minimal amount of time changing into and out of your gear is more than compensated by much shorter journey times.

An anonymous commenter has placed a few links into the original post, and I repeat them here:

National Ride To Work Day website
RTW Facebook page
@RideToWorkDayUK on Twitter

Spread the word!

* slight bending of the truth permissible here, I feel.

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