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- George Washington

Sunday, 1 May 2011


This post in response to Gary France's A Bloggers Centerline Day.

Task: a photo, taken on 1 May 2011, to incude yourself (the owner of the blog) and the centreline of a road.

I chose this location because it is probably my favourite bend in this part of the world. It is smooth, the road is a reasonably fast one, and the curve is a constant and predictable radius. The banks on either side mean that you can't take it flat out - too much farm traffic in these parts for that - but it's always a pleasure to ride in a 'brisk' manner. Best of all, it's just been resurfaced with lovely, grippy black tarmac and the lines are freshly painted. It's almost as if the local authority knew about this in advance.

Standing by the roadside taking the photo, I discovered that I am not the only one to enjoy the bend. Several cars passed through, pretty much at the limit with tyres squeaking, and one guy on a sportsbike (nods were exchanged, no more) gave it the full beans. I had to duck into the hedge more than once. Just after this shot, he shifted his butt, got his knee out, and went round in fine style.

I'm now looking forward to seeing what the other bloggers managed to do. More artistic, better composed, nicer bikes, better-looking subjects, undoubtedly. But this is my bend. You can find it here.


  1. Fantastic! love that you included the map Richard! This ABCD thing Gary started is going to make me smile a lot today!

  2. Hi Eve, and welcome to the blog. Yep, I can see myself checking back all day. Hope you're surviving the weather -looks bad from over here.

  3. THe search for the perfect bend! Nice pic and good luck! Roger

  4. A smooth piece of tarmac and a nice bend. What's not to love. Great take on Gary's challenge.

  5. What a great photograph! I really love twisty country roads like that. Maybe I'll come across this area in my travels one day!

  6. If you're ever in Pembrokeshire, I can guarantee a decent cup of tea! There are some stonking roads round here, up in the mountains.

  7. love the twisty counrty roads as well :) Great shot and yes I agree your pick for the winner is a great one! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am finally in an area with good internet so I am off to check out everyones :)


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