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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Rejoice, I Say, Rejoice!

I took the XT for its 14th MoT test yesterday. Passed with two advisories - play in steering head and shagged chain. So it's beers all round at Nowhere Towers.

But what I want to know is - how come a brand new chain is buggered after only 4000 miles?


  1. "But what I want to know is - how come a brand new chain is buggered after only 4000 miles?"

    Well it's not gone unnoticed that the photo of your wheelie'ing antics is no longer on your masthead!

  2. Hehe - probably the only time in my life I ever deliberately did a wheelie! And that was ... er ... six or seven bikes ago :)

    No, really, I looked after it properly. Lubed every week, correctly tensioned and all that. I think it must have been cheap rubbish, but the problem is I can't remember where I bought it so I can avoid it a second time.

  3. Don't despair Richard, your MOT tester is trying to be helpful:

    Even the (2nd) best can suffer from a duff chain.


  4. Ah, if only I had Ago's luck. I don't mind getting bad news from an MoT test, provided it's fair. I'd rather find out from them than on a journey somewhere that there was something wrong. And no matter how careful you are, another pair of eyes is always helpful.

  5. That bike should have failed its MOT on grounds of colour alone :)

  6. Hehe, right! As you are probably aware, I bought it as a winter hack and the colour was not part of the buying decision. However, it has grown on me, in a retro, early 90s, United Colors of Benetton sort of way. So much so that when I give it its planned TLC/restoration, I might even go to the trouble of restoring it to the factory colours and decals. Just for a laugh, in a post-modern ironic way. Or matt black; one of the two.

  7. Matt black? Please no!

    How do you tell that a chain is knackered though?

  8. Only kidding about the matt black. It's a nice brush coat of purple Dulux I am aiming at.

    Chain - adjust correctly, and then pull the chain off the rear sprocket teeth. If you can see daylight, it's knackered. There are more scientific ways, measuring percentage wear over 100 links, but that one works for me.

  9. Have you considered that a torquey single is putting huge shock loads on any part of the drivetrain, and the chain is the final reduction ratio, so will take the biggest hit. I'll bet you would find a similarly powerful 4 cylinder bike won't suffer so badly.

    Both my father and I had recurring problems with one particular gearbox bearing on our BMW's. But his needed replacing more frequently - The old Beemer twins might not be particularly powerful, but open the throttle at low revs and you certainly know there are a pair of large pistons thumping up and down! (Sorry, side to side!)

    The gearbox was basically the same on the whole "R" series range, but compare the original R50 with the final R100 which produced about 80% more HP...

  10. @ microdave

    Shaft drive eh. Never had such problems with my Guzzis :p

  11. 4000 miles for a chain is poor, even allowing for it being a thumper. Didn't happen to come off a pushbike originally, did it?

  12. The previous chain was on the bike when I got it, so was of an unknown age, and did a further 6000 miles with me, so 4000 is unusually crap. With that engine, I would expect 10-15k at least. Perhaps next time I won't get the cheapest possible. That might work.

    Tcheuchter - shaft drive on a trailie? Hmmm.

  13. XX Tcheuchter - shaft drive on a trailie? Hmmm. Xx

    There are some....STRANGE B.M.Ws around these days. You never know.

    AND the ONLY "colour" for motorbikes is MATT BLACK!

  14. "Never had such problems with my Guzzis"

    We always used to refer to them as Moto Gutless!

    Ho, Hum....

  15. The 'strange' BMWs all seem to be chain drive these days :)

    And Moto Gutless? Sacrilege! Burn the witch!

    You're confusing mild, well-mannered and torquey with a Honda Superdream.

  16. XX You're confusing mild, well-mannered and torquey with a Honda Superdream. XX

    At least with a wetdream the electrics don't regularly burn your bollox off.

    So I have been told by a man with a high voice and an Italian accent.

  17. Squeaka-da-squeaka, Signore.


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