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Monday, 2 May 2011

ABCD Winner - my guess

The ABCD challenge has been great fun, and it has been a pleasure visiting blogs from all over the world, from New Zealand to Colorado, and seeing what people have made of the idea of a Centerline [sic]. But I'm pretty sure I have spotted the winner already.

Step forward Lizzie, the Bedford Biker - a young lady rider who blogs about her own riding experiences. The photo is fun, it fulfils the competition requirements, and has a certain - how shall I put it? - man appeal. It can't lose.


I was not wrong.


  1. Oh my! Hahaa thanks Richard!

    I am yet to finish looking at all of the other entries so I can guess who has a good chance of winning.

    I'm pleased to see so many bloggers took part in this!

  2. Don't forget it's a bloke doing the judging :)

    Apologies for nicking your image, but I couldn't resist.

    Yes, it was great fun, and I have enjoyed seeing all the entries, close to home and far away. I hope ABCD (or something similar) will become a regular thing.


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