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Sunday, 29 May 2011


I'm working nights at the moment, and trying to post and respond to comments from my work computer. It's proving difficult. If you can read this, then I am able to write new posts, but I can't log in to comment. For those with Blogger accounts, if I click on 'Sign In' at the top of the page I am taken to the dashboard. I can click 'New Post' and write a new post, but if I click 'View Blog' I am taken back to the 'Sign In' page.

I think it must be the way the work PC is set up. It's always been awkward managing the blog from here. For one thing, it won't allow copy/paste unless I am working in html, which makes handling images a bit of a carry-on, and switching between html and 'compose' modes plays havoc with the formatting, with line breaks breeding like flies. I don't get the problem at home, so I assume it is a feature of the workplace machine (there are plenty of others).

So please bear with me. There are a few comments I would like to reply to, but am unable. Thank you for your responses, anyway - I can read 'em even if I can't reply. I will be back on days before long, and what I laughingly call 'normal' service will be resumed.

Thank you for your patience. Your call is important to us ...


  1. Well, it's an issue with cookies, as Brian said t'other day. I was having some difficulty overriding my own PC security to get the settings low enough to allow it to work.

    Basically, if you have default(ish) Internet Explorer and are willing to take the risk, setting Privacy to "Accept All Cookies" will enable your profile. Alternatively, add Blogger and this site to the "Trusted" zone and lower the privacy settings for Trusted.

    It looks to me as if Google are just capturing some additional session information as code flags specific to the blog you're visiting - nothing too dreadful, or insecure, but because it doesn't comply with P3P privacy standards, some browsers consider it hostile and block the content that actually allows your profile session to travel to the specific blog. Hence, when you get there, you have become anonymous once more.

    As a commenter it's no big deal, but for the site admin/owner that's a bit of a problem...

    Anyway, hope the explanation makes sense: I don't think it's a great risk to temporarily lower the privacy settings to visit this site, but really wouldn't recommend it for generalised websurfing!

  2. Thanks Endo. I have changed the privacy setting to 'accept all cookies' and it appears to work. However, I don't want to compromise the network here, so I will probably revert to the previous default settings in the interests of corporate harmony. I now know what I need to do if I just have to comment! It's still a puzzle how I can write new posts (for which I must be signed in) but for all other Blogger purposes it won't let me sign in. Strange.

    Thank you for your help.

  3. myself and several others had blogger probs all of last week until i noticed that it was defaulting my login to my gmail id as the primary and not allowing an alternate email address. that was new. check your google and blogger acct/profile settings, there is an option to all multiple addresses and that setting cleared my probs.

  4. oops, typo, meant to say: there is an option to allow multi email addresses and that cleared my probs.

  5. I've had quite a few problems with Blogger - couldn't log in most of Thursday afternoon at work, but was able to log in on my phone and iPad and home PCs.


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