If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.

- George Washington

Monday, 9 May 2011

Europe Day, 9 May




Forgot to attribute the image :( Thanks to Sue.


  1. That's going on the back of my car....

  2. Soon, but not just now. Wait 18 months when the pensioners are all on their way back from what they hoped would be Spanish retirement. Preferably wait until Scotland has left the Union and won't be able to vote in England and Wales' referendum because they are much more Europhile and will otherwise tend to vote 'yes'.

    Wait also until they leave because it may mean automatic lapsing of EU membership for which we have to re-apply. We just won't, that would be simplest. However, the constitutional lawyers are bound to argue about this.

  3. Carefully composed with an anti-clockwise swastika to avoid confusion and offending the ignorant ..............

    Well done Richard.

  4. Image was nicked from Sue's place. Now attributed. (There's a commenter there offering to do her a right-way-round one.)

    WoaR - you're probably right. Patience ...

  5. You don't like the Germans? Jealous about the way their manufacturing sector is booming and all we have to our name is a Royal Wedding theme park to fuel our recovery?

  6. Nikos, I have no problem with Germans. I've met plenty and liked 'em all. What gave you the idea that I didn't?

  7. Do not forget today is Liberation Day in the Channel Islands. They never joined the EU, possibly because they had learned certain lessons the hard way.

  8. "Jealous about the way their manufacturing sector is booming"

    Don't get too excited - their energy costs will soon go through the roof thanks to lunatic "Green" policies. Oh, and those same green nutters are intending to take control of the 2 biggest German car manufacturers....


  9. WoaR - I saw your post on this, and thanks for mentioning it. I have done my next post accordingly.

    The German economy is looking good, comparatively, but that's only because they started with such a strong base. They are like the strongest swimmer in a group caught in a whirlpool: they appear to be OK, but that's only because they will drown later than the weak ones.

  10. This article is pretty fair and not a swastika in sight:


  11. Nikos, just to be clear, since you have mentioned the Germans twice now - swastika = symbol of fascism (in the current context at least); swastika =/= symbol of Germany.

    I have a lot of admiration for the Germans and their economy, and I wish ours were as strong. I have met many Germans and got on well with them. I even liked their sense of humour. This post is not anti-German. It's anti-EU.



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