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- George Washington

Monday, 9 May 2011

A Day of Opposites

Woman On A Raft points out that today is Liberation Day in Jersey, when they celebrate the end of the German Occupation in 1945.

Today is also Europe Day, when we celebrate the Schuman Declaration of 9 May 1950.

Scores of public buildings are being ordered to fly the European Union flag to mark the occasion.

Officials will be expected to ensure it remains hoisted for a week from Monday. And those that disobey could be fined.

Incredibly, they are even expected to take a photo of the flag and email it to the European Commission to ensure the rules are being observed.

Schools are also being sent instructions from the European Parliament on how to celebrate Europe Day. Recommendations include holding special assemblies with an EU theme.
Funny old world.


  1. My city council hoists the eu rag routinely so eu day passed me by entirely unoticed.
    Camerons refusal to fly it at No.10 was a cost free sop to Tory euroskeptics.

  2. I avoid our council offices as much as possible, so I have never noticed what flags they fly. I will have a look later today. Of course, flying or not flying the flag is a largely symbolic gesture - indeed, it could hardly be otherwise as the flag is no more than a symbol. What we need is action, and that won't happen any time soon or with the current bunch of arses in charge.

  3. In Basildon, they said 'No, Nein, Non!' to that idea...

  4. Yay for Basildon ... or something. Good to see that.


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