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- George Washington

Friday, 27 May 2011

Cheater Chaytor Free to Go

Quietly on the BBC news, and buried deep in the Politics section of the BBC website, comes the news that thieving ex-MP David Chaytor has been released from his open prison. He was imprisoned for 18 months in January. He served just twenty weeks. That's less than one-third of his sentence.

I wrote at the time that:
... David Chaytor has been found guilty and sentenced to 18 months. So that's 9 months, less time spent on remand, less a bit because he is a decent chap of previously good character (heh, obviously not) and he pleaded guilty, so that will be about 10 minutes, then. In, no doubt, an 'open' prison. Hardly the twenty years banged up with Big Tony and the pot of Vaseline that we would have hoped for, but pleasing, nonetheless.
Folks, when I said 10 minutes, I was joking.

Remember that Chaytor
  • Deliberately and with premeditation defrauded the taxpayer of £20,000
  • Tried to argue that he and his kind were above the laws of ordinary people
  • Appealed his sentence on the grounds of his 'previous good character'
  • Made me choke on my coffee at the chutzpah of the above.

I thought 18 months was about right.

Four-and-a-half months is a complete joke.

Seriously, folks, this can't continue.


  1. Not even Guido's clocked that yet!

    Well done

  2. Thanks Joe. Early bird, worm and all that :)

  3. It can't. And yet, it shows every sign of continuing regardless.

  4. All the disgraced MPs will be able to draw their House of Commons pensions at an actuarially reduced rate if they wish or hope that a "consultantancy or research job" from a friendly think tank or trade union will tide them over until 65.

  5. Ref the ref to vaseline and its alleged uses in jail: I liked a comment under a report that M. Dominique Strauss-Kahn had been sent to the notorious Riker Prison: "I wouldn't like to be in his shoes - and I'm black"

  6. "It can't. And yet, it shows every sign of continuing regardless."

    Lord Hanningfield is next....

  7. It's a joke, really it is. The 'them and us' thing is getting bigger and bigger.


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