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- George Washington

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Motivational Poster

Over at Sonja's place, a marvellous graphic. It's for the Vancouver Motorcycle Show later this month.


  1. Unless it's freezing cold & p1ssing down with rain!

  2. Oh but they do......it's just that you can't hear them over the wind noise!

  3. I couldn't tell you, I suffer from tinnitus....

    I blame having to drive one of Henry Fords hideously noisy and gutless Transits, powered (if that's the right word) by a heap of scrap iron know as a 2.5DI.....

  4. True, but I do confess to the occasional moment of "HOW much f***ing further???"...

    ...normally said aloud about 30 miles after the waterproofs have lost hermetic sealing and are busy retaining a pool of cold sleet snugly around the groinal regions.

  5. The first Transit I ever drove was back in the days when they fitted the 2-litre V4 petrol, and bloody hell that shifted. The last one was a tail-lift 2-litre diesel to fetch a piano, limited to 56 mph and a complete slug. And a 20 mpg slug as well - not impressed.

    Endo - thus confirming the old saying that there is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong kit. Long trips in bad weather can be a trial, but it's only for the rider - no kids screaming and bored in the back. And if you have a pillion who complains, you have the wrong pillion. Get a new one.

  6. Yep, spot on. Kit these days is pretty much the equal of any weather we may get - mine only ever lets me down geographically now (ie I guessed wrong and left the heavy-duty stuff hanging in the porch)!

    Even in the worst conditions, it's never a question of wanting the journey to be over, just of sometimes wishing the next comfort break (and chance to thaw/dry/consult a chiropracter) seemed a little closer!


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