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Sunday, 23 January 2011

The BBC and Global Warming

We all know that the BBC has a natural liberal-left bias, and is a major cheerleader for the New Ice Age Global Warming Climate Change/Disruption/Chaos OMG We're All Gonna Die scam. Jonathan, in the comments to the previous post, has given a link to a videoclip which sums the situation up well, and is worth a few minutes of your time. (In the second half, the author has a pop at The Guardian, which may or may not be justified, but dilutes the message somewhat - it's the first 9 minutes that interests me. H/t to Jonathan for a good spot.


  1. The 1st x 9 mins of that clip ought to be required-watching by every politician and school headmaster.

    [Just like many schools had general screenings of the infamous, discredited 'Inconvenient Truth'.]

  2. Diverse messages in the first part too. Like is not compared with like. Some talking about AGW, some talking about CO2, some talking about scienctists chasing money - good old ad hominem stuff that, others about the politics of 'environmentalists'. They're talking about different things but the editing effect is insidious - intended message - 'they're all at it these climate change types for their own reasons.

    The truth is in the data. No mention of that. So this little piece is as selective and dishonest as what it sets itself against, i.e. biased reporting.

    I quite agree though that the BBC are criminal in their one-sided reporting on climate science. Where is their famous 'balance' there?

  3. you might be interested in this Richard


  4. WW. Richard covered that the other day and is where the video link came from.

  5. cough previous post cough :)

    No worries - I don't necessarily read blogs in post order either! I ofetn post a comment to find it's already been covered. Glad the Sissons article and video are getting attention, that's all.

  6. 'ofetn' = Old Lithuanian for 'often'.

  7. Jim - your points are taken, and quite fair. I wouldn't expect a cohesive, comprehensive argument and a full scientific rebuttal from a short video piece, though. I think all it sets out to do is to demonstrate that the scientists are not by any means in full agreement over this, and the BBC are wrong to suggest it is, and in this it succeeds. The issue won't be solved in any amount of soundbites, but there is a debate that needs to be had, and when one side is saying there is no debate, that needs to be challenged.


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