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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Lucky escape

Courtesy of Gymi, a remarkable escape for a couple driving on Highway 401 in Canada.

I like to believe that all (or almost all, barring acts of God) accidents are avoidable, if the rider/driver acts correctly and observes correctly. Whether it's your fault or not, you should have seen it coming, or at least the possibility. But I cannot see how anyone could have foreseen this one without 101% forward observation and a healthy dollop of luck. The driver's reaction was pretty instant, too. Lucky, lucky people.

Watch it, and then go and change your underwear.


  1. That's closer to murder than bad driving. Agreed, not a lot could be done about that. Less an Act of God than the act of a total wanker.

  2. Richard's clip ... an example of when neither luck nor skill is enough; both were needed, in terms of making the move without binning the car and also having the room to do so.

    JP's clip ... the only sensible thing that driver did was stay in the car after the accident. I imagine the videos would have been turned off had he got out?

  3. First: if the dashcam was rigidly mounted (and I think it was) then he lost the back and recovered it pretty well. The car is almost sideways at one point.

    Second: yep, I thought that. I expected the bikers to surround the car, but they seemed to be more keen on parking tidily. I'd have put a big bloke by the driver's door to keep him in, see to the wounded , and then let him know that there are half a dozen burly chaps here who are not impressed with his driving.

  4. I think he called in all of his favors in one fell swoop with this one. It was snowing lightly and the roads were pretty slippery. He did a great job of missing the truck and reining his car in.

  5. Agreed. Thanks for posting the clip, by the way. Good find.


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