If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.

- George Washington

Saturday, 8 January 2011

What's a guy to think?

  • She's a Democrat, although used to be registered as a Republican
  • She supports citizenship for illegal immigrants
  • She's in favour of alternative energy
  • She's a gun owner
  • She's fiscally conservative
  • She's married to an astronaut, for God's sake
  • She loves trucks and motorcycles (and was co-chair of the motorcycle caucus on Capitol Hill)

What's a normal, red-blooded, gun-totin' biker male to think?

Sarah Palin with brains, that's what she is.

I wish her well.


  1. "What's a normal, red-blooded, gun-totin' biker male to think?"

    Schizophrenia or multiple personalities disorder can sometimes be advantageous?

  2. Kudos to the man who can spell 'schizophrenia'.

    Advantageous? Yes, we sometimes think so.

  3. Proper efficient nutter. Carnage. Bang out of order, really. The numbers are phenomenal.

  4. Mass murder = bang out of order? That has to be the understatement of the week.

  5. "The numbers are phenomenal."

    He fired into what, by all accounts, was quite a crowd. Luckily he didn't have anything bigger than a 9mm, or there'd be even more.

  6. Couldn't happen here, where we have proper gun control ... oh, hang on ...

  7. "Couldn't happen here, where we have proper gun control ... oh, hang on ..."

    And it's also illegal to carry a Samurai Sword in a public place:


  8. In other words, you can never legislate for nutters.

    Interesting to follow the BBC coverage of this. At first, it was assumed that the killer objected to her pro-choice and pro-healthcare views, and he was a right-wing nutjob, controlled by Sarah Palin and the Tea Party. Now it appears that the guy had very left-wing views (as evidenced by a lot of Twitter and social media postings), he's being called 'lone and disturbed'.

  9. Richard. Yes I saw the BBC getting tied in knots trying to blame Sarah Palin.
    The latest news says that there were 2 gunmen involved.
    A right wing conspiracy or left wing cry for help ? Wonder which way the BBC will jump ;)
    Oh Bad Al Campbell twittered last night that she was dead and it was the right wings fault. I see he's lost nothing of his nasty incompetence.

  10. Perhaps thinking people formulate their opinions one-by-one for themselves and end up having to order extra favourite dishes from the menu to add to the set meal at the takeaway of life.
    Like most people, I pick and mix ideas from all over the place based on whether they actually make sense and work in reality. Beautiful, romantic castles in the sky get a place in my head as well. I can't pigeonhole myself as left or right or libertarian, green or sceptical.
    My thoughts are with her, the other victims and their families.

  11. In a simple answer to your question and with reference to image number 2 I would say:

    "nice BMW Toaster".

  12. It's an R60/5, but I didn't think they had all that chrome on the European models. US special, or just me being unobservant?

  13. "What's a normal, red-blooded, gun-totin' biker male to think?"

    Um...how about: "Dear Santa, see this picture for my Christmas list. Thank you."?

    Even laterest news suggests she may recover (or at least, survive), and that the gunman was quite possibly way too out there to have any real grasp of politics. The leftie thing apparently came from his list of favourite reading, which included the Communist Manifesto. As it also listed Mein Kampf, that may not be much of a clue. Coincidentaly, it would seem that the Palin camp have indulged in a complete deep clean to remove all traces of inflammatory comment from their web presence. It may be from simple decency..or a sign of a guilty conscience.

    (IIRC: there were many non-chromed R60s - not all /5s, though - before they went to the toaster model, but I think that was a universal update, not just for the US).

  14. "Dear Santa" - hmmm :)

    Thanks for the information on the 'toaster' model. I hadn't even heard of this until Nikos prompted me to go and have a look. It's nice - but I bet it's dog slow. Always fancied an airhead beemer.

  15. supposedly toaster tank was deemed attractive for US market.

  16. Personally, the deep and practical tank of the /6 series is one of the attractions. Looks very purposeful.


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