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- George Washington

Monday, 3 January 2011


Pete Postlethwaite has died, aged 64. I used to go the Everyman Theatre in Liverpool often, and I have followed his career (and those of his contemporaries like Alan Bleasdale and Julie Walters) for most of my life. He had some cracking film roles, but I remember him principally as a stage actor. He was a member of the RSC and I saw him in A Midsummer Night's Dream there in the mid-80s. He dominated the stage whenever he was on, and was a brilliant actor.

His was the best Bottom I have ever seen.

Take that the right way.


  1. RIP. He was indeed a gifted actor. So sad.

  2. Well said Richard. I never gave him a full obit at our place but recognised that one of our greatest actors was now missing from our lives.

    RIP Pete Postlethwaite.

  3. He was extraordinarily prolific. His IMDB entry is huge, and varied.


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