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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Newgale again

A cold but bright winter's afternoon, and a 'sleep day' after a night shift so, when I woke up about 2pm, what better to do than take Anna and the Black Dog down to Newgale? The sun was setting and the sea was like rippled gunmetal, calm as a millpond.

Unlike my last visit on Christmas Day, there were no poignant messages in the sand. However, the Black Dog did find a ring of stones carefully laid out on the beach and did some championship target shitting.

All on target, and great grouping. You have to admit he has talent.

(And yes, I did make sure it was cleared up.)


  1. Heh!

    In the recent heavy snows, one of our friends had to take a small trowel into the garden and clear a little patch of snow before their Jack Russell would attend to her toilette.

    He said no matter how small he made the hole, her accuracy was amazing!

  2. I reckon there's possibilities for a new Olympic sport here. Team Formation Crap, or sumpn.


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