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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

TT Memories 3

Last instalment of Microdave's memories of the TT races (previous instalments here and here): IOM TT 1979 (continued). The last instalment - A few more from that trip: My father and Stanley Woods with one of his bikes was taken at Jurby airfield on the 7th June 1979.

Another shot of one of his Velocettes at Jurby.

An unknown Matchless seen at Jurby.

Mike Hailwood (no8) taken on the Cronk y Voddy straight doing (we think) about 180mph. This was taken on the 4th June 1979.

The Silk 700s is a rare beast, and was pictured at the Vintage Rally at Castletown on the 7th. This was a hand built derivative of the pre war Scott Squirell, which my father and grandfather both owned.

I hope these have been of some interest to you, and any comments are welcome. MD

Thanks to Microdave for sharing some interesting and personal material. Hope you all enjoyed it. R


  1. Thanks for sharing the memories MD.

    They were bloody great conical brake drums on that G50. Gave much greater surface-area for the pads to press against.

    Then there was its smaller sibling, the 350cc AJS 7R

    So visually-alike were they, that there were occasional accusations of riders using the 500cc G50 in 350cc races.

  2. Well, they were of interest to me MD.

    Cheers for posting 'em.


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