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Monday, 21 March 2011

Blast from The Past 2

Last month, I wrote a little piece about some things I saw in a copy of Bike magazine from August 1985. I mentioned a test of the Yamaha XT350 (great bike - I had two) and my remembered quote from the last paragraph:
It's probably one of the most versatile bikes yet made. It's also practical, sensible, economical and if you can't have fun on it then you must be dead.
Today, lo and behold, the writer of those very words left a comment on the post:
..Of all the gin jointsh in all the townsh...

I wrote those words about the XT350 in Bike in the 80s. Had just broken me leg on it on the Salter Fell trail in Bowland, Lancs and had to ride it home (after kickstarting it - ow!), so must have been feeling remarkably indulgent...

Doing that test for them got me fired from Trials and Motocross News, my then employer.


Mike Sweeney, guest-writing for Bike and getting the sack for his pains. It was good to hear from him.

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