If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.

- George Washington

Thursday, 3 March 2011

We know best

Via Sue, news that there is to be a public rally on 2 April on 'Leaving the European Union'.

2 April 2011
14:30 to 17:00
Friends Meeting House
173 Euston Road
London NW1 2BJ

Every poll ever taken in the UK shows a clear majority in favour or leaving the EU. We have been promised a referendum on our continued membership, first by Gordon Brown, then by Nick Clegg, and finally by 'Cast Iron' Dave Cameron. None of these have come to pass. Until now, denial of a voice to the British people has been a matter of dither and obfuscation rather than outright refusal. There has always been a good reason for 'not yet'.

Today, that has changed. From today's Daily Express:

But Downing Street insisted that the issue of EU membership was not on the
table. A spokesman said: “The Government believes that membership of the EU is
in the national interest, and for this reason there will not be a referendum on
whether we remain a member state.

So that's quite clear, then. In black and white.

We know best.
We know what you are going to say.
So we won't ask you.

Counterproductive to treat children like this. Illegal to treat employees like this. Government policy to treat a nation of 60m like this.

I'm not a halfwit. Tipping point reached. It's UKIP from now on.


  1. I might just be having coffee in the area about then. If they don't look like a dangerous rabble out for a pointless ruck with the police, I might tag along.

    I want to see lots of very ordinary somewhat conservative (small c) people in mackintoshes, levened with a number of ageing hippies and cowboys, the sort of people who keep their lawn mowers oiled.

    It's time for the Cardigan Revolution.

  2. If you look at the list of speakers, 'pointless ruck' does not really spring to mind. I could be rude and say something about rhyming slang, but I won't. It looks fairly mainstream to me.

    I keep my lawnmower oiled. Does that make me a cardigan?

  3. Yes. The world needs cardigans and politicians need to hear them not exactly roar, but pull the starter-cord on a no-nonsense petrol job.

    Keep them mower-blades sharp.

  4. I stand ready with not one but two petrol mowers - a walky-behindy one and a ridey-on one. Started together, they are tumultuous. I am a cardigan, hear me roar.


  5. "Keep them mower-blades sharp"

    You're not a half-wit, but apparently you may be Peter Gabriel ("I Know What I Like", Genesis, 1973).

    I'd quite like to see the evidence that leads the government to "believe" membership is in the national interest. Surely, if it's much of a case, it could form the basis of their referendum campaign...

  6. It's because the 'evidence' can only be understood by important people. The EU is in our interest, but you have to be super-intelligent, far-sighted and of the right frame of mind to see it. One of us, as it were. The plebs wouldn't get it, and if we gave them the chance they would only disagree, and that would spoil it for everyone. Best that we just carry on.

  7. Tipping point reached. It's UKIP from now on.

    Thanks for your support Richard, hopefully the next tipping point will be 'tipping' our MPs off the end of a cliff.

    2nd April? Bloody hell that's another home match I miss. Grrr.

  8. My 'support' is temporary. I have no idea how competent UKIP would be as a government, so any support is highly conditional. But I have come to the opinion that getting out of the EU is the one thing that must happen before anything else. After we do that, it's game on.

    In fact, a good approach for UKIP would be to say to the electorate: vote for us in numbers; we will take Britain out of the EU and then hold an immediate General Election. That would allow doubters like me the chance to vote UKIP without binding the country to an inexperienced and untried - and potentially disastrous - government for five years. I am not saying that UKIP are necessarily like that, but it would remove the element of gamble from a UKIP vote.


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