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- George Washington

Saturday, 5 March 2011

The Iceland Crisis

Iceland are in a financial mess, but they know what to do about it:

Speaking of which, why can't we have MPs like Birgitta Jónsdóttir here?

I mean because of what she says about the crisis, obviously. Not because she is amazingly cute. No Sir.


  1. There's some real talent in the PCP.

  2. Parliamentary Conservative Party

  3. Iceland is awash with beautiful women according to Clarkson and he claims to have left his DNA there. No wonder they are in sierra hotel 1 tango.

  4. P.S.

    Waddya moaning about, we have Anne Widdicombe!

  5. Jim - thank you for that. I knew PLP, but didn't make the transfer. Every day's a day at school.

    Brian - At one stage in my life, I could have read that website. Sadly, these days it's all Greek to me.

    Nikos - thank you for that charming thought. Not.

  6. Bloody hell. From Wikipedia:

    Born in Reykjavik, Birgitta is also a poet, writer, artist, editor, publisher, activist and internet pioneer.
    Her first poetry collection was published when she was 22 years old by Iceland's biggest publisher.

    quite a girl.


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