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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Bad Product Names

Stuff you may prefer NOT to buy ...

Thanks (I think) to Smosh.com.


  1. Richard, I think one or two of those will make excellent presents to 'colleagues' who p1ss you off at work.

  2. One of the many downsides of globalization. Ford apparently now have a special team on finding universally acceptable names for their cars. Some notables that slipped through the net:

    Mazda LaPuta (in Spanish: la puta= the whore)
    Mitsubishi Pajero (in Spanish: "wanker")
    Buick LaCrosse (in French: "masturbating teenagers")
    Chevrolet Nova (in Spanish: "It Doesn't Go")
    Opel Ascona (in Spain and Portugal: "female genitalia")
    Honda Fitta (in Swedish and Norwegian: "cunt")

    A viral marketing opportunity here perhaps: Volkswagen Twat has a certain ring about it.

  3. It's more disturbing that the 'Coolpis' is peach flavoured....

  4. The Triumph Acclaim was only never sold in the domestic German market. Something to do with the name or the fact that the Trabant was better.

  5. I must do a post one day about a book I have called 'Remarkable Names of Real People'. There are some stunningly bizarre names in there, and all apparently verified. One appropriate to this thread is/was a diplomatic assistant at the British Embassy in Ankara:

    Mustapha Kunt.


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