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Saturday, 5 March 2011

More filth ...

... and positively the last Scottoiler post (until the next one).

Oiling devices now fitted to both XT and Triumph, and both working fine. Memo to self: must get some black cable ties, as white ones on a black frame look a bit like white socks with black shoes. And must get a proper breather tube for this one, as I forgot to order that. The aquarium tubing will do for now, but ...

I ought to point out that I have no connection with Scottoiler (Scotland) Limited, except as a satisfied customer. Despite the last few posts, I am not on commission.


  1. Or, you could buy a Buell, with a belt drive.

  2. Scottoiler no doubt have a cheque in the post ... along with complimentary black cable ties. :)

  3. Unlikely - they stopped making them in 2009.

    I can see the advantages of a belt drive for scooters (quiet and maintenance-free) but they aren't robust and are hellishly expensive to replace. And a hassle, because you have to half dosmantle the bike to get them off and on. Chain drive, for all its drawbacks, is the most efficient and adaptable system yet devised.

  4. @Smoking Hot - I wish! They contacted me after my first posting last year, wanting to link to the blog from their website, but I don't think they have done this yet. I did drop a hint that, as a 'product champion' I ought to be kept sweet with masses of freebies, but they didn't pick up on that.


  5. I just pumped up my driver's side tyres. Front and back.

    With a footpump.

    *exhausted, but smug*


  6. Wow. *Impressed*

    Passenger side next week?

  7. Changing belt drives? ... it sometimes pays to be like Odd-ball out of Kelly's Heroes.

    Hey man, l just ride 'em ... l don't fix 'em.

  8. I dunno ... belt drives just aren't ... oily enough.

  9. @ Julia - well done! But you can buy cheap electric compressors to do the hard work for you...

    As for belt drives - my experience of Moto Morini cam belts suggests they are NOT suitable for shock loads. The V twin Morini had 3 cam lobes close together, so the pulses this uneven loading creates doesn't do the belt any good. They were recommended to be changed at 12,000 mile intervals, and the one on my mates Sport model broke at 12,051 miles...

    I can't think of a more uneven power delivery than a bloody great Harley motor...

  10. Richard,

    I used Scotoilers for years, well worth it. Remember to turn the delivery down in summer or you will be spending more time cleaning oil throw off your bikes than riding them. Oh and if the throw gets too bad watch out, oil on your tyres is never a good combination.

  11. Microdave - the problem with belts is that, while they are very strong in tension and quiet, they fail without warning when they do fail. A worn camchain will complain for months before letting go; a belt will be there one minute, and leave your engine scrap the next. I had cambelts on the Ducati, and it left me nervous. For final drive purposes, the big drawback is that belts can't cope with the unexpected. A stone thrown up and caught can snap a belt instantly, something that even a cheap chain will shrug off.

    Anon - I have had Scottoilers on my last four chain-drive bikes, so I am aware of their little ways. I tend to run them so that the chain is just moist with oil, and I have never had a problem with oil on the tyre. I tend to use the inside of the number plate as a tell-tale. If it's dry, or if it's too oily, it's time to adjust. I find that, once set, they are pretty consistent. I have never had to resort to the red oil they have for hot climates. Chance would be a fine thing.

  12. As someone who spent his formative years rattling around behind BMC "A" series engines, I can't actually recall anyone who had a chain fail at all!!

    When I was downunder they had a saying "If you want to visit the outback take a Discovery. If you want to come home alive take a Landcruiser".

    I heard that one engineering shop was making chain drive conversion kits for the TDI engine to address that failing!

  13. @Anonymous

    That's a plus in my book - I clean my bikes about twice a year and the oil throw saves me having to use so much WD40 in between times...

    Never had a problem with it getting on the tyres - except after one refill when I forgot to dial down from the "Prime" setting before riding off. I've never felt the urge to repeat that experience.

  14. "Passenger side next week?"

    Oooh, steady on. Got to catch my breath first!

    "But you can buy cheap electric compressors to do the hard work for you..."

    I keep meaning to, but whenever I approach a stall or aisle with all that worthy DIY stuff, something inexplicable steers me away to the drinks aisle or the handbag stall instead...


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