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Monday, 21 March 2011

Good Post ...

... this morning from Woman On A Raft. She's been to Haworth in Yorkshire, my part of the world, and has something to say about it. Affectionate, amusing and well-written, it has started my day well. I liked:
Haworth is a place which hums with Gothick presentments, where the everyday objects are caught in slanting light and for a moment look suspicious, as if they have been caught out having secret conversations with each other just beyond the range of human hearing.

A large hat with flowers will suddenly seem to have faces nestling in the petals, a cat walking along a wall seems stripey, then when you look again, it is plain.
It's Haworth, dammit, where a lady changes her sheepskin mittens for crochet fingerless gloves indoors. The one place where going about in a burkha is considered foolhardy exposure to the weather, unless you can get it on over a hat and coat.


  1. Thanks for the link.

    You may enjoy the recent works of Stan Ledgard, who also happens to run Spooks.


  2. Renaissance Man is alive and well. I like the idea of 'active retirement'. Is there somewhere I could sign up?


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