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- George Washington

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Plop ...

... on the doormat this morning, a lovely lilac-and-white A4 envelope with a heavy document inside (of course, I had forgotten that here the form will be bilingual - in Wales, every document is twice as big as it needs to be*).

And, on the cover, that lovely, warm ain't-it-wonderful-to-live-in-a-free-society legend:

Your census response is required by law

"No pressure", then.

I think I might fill it in straight away and post it off this afternoon, like you do with credit card bills when you are feeling virtuous. They'd appreciate a prompt response, surely?

(*That is not to say that either language is unnecessary, just that every reader will only ever read half the document, and that's a lot of trees.)


  1. Mine still hasn't arrived! Which is a crying shame, since Q17 is blank on English forms, prompting much hilarity of Twitter with suggestions for #Q17... ;)

  2. That's for the Welsh Question, which you unfortunate Saes don't get to see, har har.

    "Can you understand, speak, read or write Welsh?"

    Or, of course

    "A allwch ddeall, siarad, darllen neu ysgifennu Cymraeg?"


  3. So Richard, is it written in English and Welsh; or, English or Welsh?

  4. Nah, you don't catch them as easily as that! There are two separate questionnaires. Same as two separate car tax reminders, two separate rate demsnds ...

    That way, it's fate, or chance or something which you see first. And no-one has to make a decision.


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