If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.

- George Washington

Sunday, 5 December 2010


Old Holborn:
You want a £37 million pound theatre in Barry, Wales? You pay for it, you run it, you make it pay, you negotiate with the employees, you deliver the content, you pay the pensions and running costs by producing what free people will pay hard earned money to see, not by demanding by force that a fork lift truck driver on night shift in Newcastle "supports" your "desire" to bring "arts" to the "unemployed" of rural Wales.
There is no such thing as free milk and honey. Ask a bear.


  1. Yeah, I read that one. It's good.

  2. More interesting still (to me anyway) the project is not in Barry, S Wales but BANGOR, N Wales. I went to university in Bangor and I still remember the arguments about then HUGE amounts spent on Theatr Gwynedd English: Theatre Gwynedd (and the fact that 'bands' playing any music more recent than about 1825 were banned from the venue). And now they are knocking it down.

    Edukashun really ought to include an attempt to generate some interest in the value of history - it would be so much more efficient if we didn't insist on making the same mistakes more than once.


  3. Argh, the Undeb Y Myfyrwyr (the first words I ever learned in Welshish) is to be knocked down! I hope they will make good use of the carpet in the Main Bar. That could be used as strutural adhesive on the Space Shuttle or something.

    I never crossed the threshold of the Theatr Gwynnedd, to my recollection. Perhaps this explains why. My memories of the time are very hazy.


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