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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Iain Dale and the World Cup

I posted something the other day about the BBC Panorama investigation into corruption in FIFA ahead of today's decision on the hosting of the 2018 World Cup. Iain Dale, it seems, would disagree.
What a pity it is that the BBC should have disgraced our bid with that Panorama programme on Monday.
I commented:
An investigation into bribery and corruption is "disgraceful"? That's a new one.
Dale replied:
The timing was disgraceful. They should have screened it after the bid.
He seems to be arguing that the BBC should have withheld any broadcast of their corruption investigation until after the successful bid had been announced. The obvious implication is that the BBC have annoyed FIFA (if the allegations are false, why would that be a problem?) and made them less likely to choose England. Would Mr Dale also agree that newspapers should avoid allegations of corruption against a politician until after an election, in case it affected the result?

The comments are interesting.


  1. pray that Russia gets it2 December 2010 at 14:29

    It gets weary for Scots listening to the 24/7 coverage of 'our bid'. God help us if the world cup final does come to England. It will be a nightmare for non English citizens.
    The BBC did the bribery programme to undermine the coalition. Nothing more nothing less.

  2. Believe me, it gets weary for an English football-hater like me as well. With that and the Royal Fucking Engagement I am at my wits' end.

    And the BBC doing something against the Coalition? You do surprise me :) Their reporting has been relentlessly anti-government since the election, and I am disappointed that Cameron has not seen fit to castrate it at the earliest opportunity.

  3. Dale's a multi-failed, candidate MP. Have some sympathy for his misguided 'politician's mindset', where personal & parliamentary gain override truth & honesty.

  4. In defence of Mr Dale (through gritted teeth) he has a point about the timing.

    Everyone knows FIFA is corrupt - it's hardly a secret - and the Beeb have done plenty of programmes about this before so why now? Just 3 days before an important vote, with an investigation that tells us nothing new,

    Will the Beeb now do the same about the Russian bid (bound to be lots of corruption there) or on the corruption of the European Union? We all know the answer is no, never.

    Questioning the timing is less about critising the BBC for being a responsible media outlet but rather that it exposes its real agenda.

  5. I'm sure the BBC have an agenda here, but it will be interesting to watch how the criticism pans out. Like watching ferrets in a sack.

    As for Dale, I've just about reached the end of the road with him. He used to be interesting and thoughtful, but now the blog is all about his shows and publishing ventures. It's lost all its bite.


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