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- George Washington

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Discimination we can all 'support'

I see that Morrisons are indulging in some disgraceful discriminatory pricing, although I can understand and sympathise with the thinking behind it. It's a nice, peaceful use for those airport body scanners, I suppose.

Yes, I'm childish.


  1. Large Baps offer, I'll have adozen! who's being childish!

  2. Free Willy, with every six gallons.


  3. No-one tell Jordan where this supermarket is!

  4. The offer was for "large" baps, not "comically and bizarrely inflated". Morrisions is safe.

  5. If you go in to the aisle where they keep tinned rice pudding, jelly, and those freeze-at-home jubblies (snigger) you can find a variety of ice pop called 'Frozen Willies'.

    Yes! It does come up as FR WILLIES on the receipt. Reeeesult.

  6. Fr Willies - wasn't he a Belgian paedophile priest? No, scrub that.

    I must go and check on these Frozen Willies. All kinds of childish japes come to mind. Thank you for the - er - heads-up.


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