If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.

- George Washington

Monday, 13 December 2010

Grrrr .........

Today, I am working with a new colleague. He whistles.

The same six-note phrase, over and over.

Then he stops whistling, and starts doing this Pearl and Dean-style singing:


Then he starts whistling again.

I am going mad.


  1. Get one of those key chains that beebs when you whistle. (Or a few)
    Piss him off right back ;-)

  2. IIRC, there are very few situations in which capital punishment can be administered by a citizen and without a trial. This might be one, though.

  3. Guys, it gets worse. He's with me today as a trial, and he will be in my team permanently from January. Just found that out.

    Unless he has a nasty accident over Christmas.

  4. "Unless he has a nasty accident over Christmas. "

    The loss of his front teeth might prevent the whistling ;-)

  5. That's the trouble with so many low-stress jobs -high stress people.

  6. I am feling with you. Not nice of him.Ha ha.


  7. "Guys, it gets worse. He's with me today as a trial"

    Find him Guilty.

  8. I don't draw up the rotas, unfortunately. If I did, there would be a couple of people I would schedule myself on nights with. Purely in the interest of research.

    Yes, loss of the teeth would prevent the whistling, but not the incessant tum-te-tum that follows the guy everywhere he goes. I'm thinking a contract killing, with full deniability.

    Peer? Is that Peer from Låsby? Nice to hear from you!

  9. In North America we would have this fixed with duct tape... or when it is really really cold, would make him stick his tongue to a metal pole ;-)
    Cheers from Canada

  10. Duct tape ... got loads of that. Maybe give that a try next time. Metal pole ... yesssssss ... possibility.

    You can see I am thinking about this.

    (Oh, and thank you for mentioning 'duct' tape, rather then the 'duck' tape that so many people think it is. It's often called 'gaffer' tape in the UK, 'gaffer' being the boss and the tape is the tape that is the boss of all tapes. Couldn't live without it.)

  11. http://www.octanecreative.com/ducttape/duckvsduct.html

    Does this help or complicate? ;)

  12. It helps. I stand corrected, both on the duct/duck tape and the gaffer tape derivations. Although I did notice that the page reads a little bit like an advertisement sponsored by Duck Tape ...

    The idea of camo-pattern duct tape is quite appealing.


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