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Friday, 3 December 2010

A Different Angle

Having spent the last couple of posts banging on negatively about football, I was delighted to read a post today on the excellent Heresiarch blog which has made me think a little differently about the role of sport in general and football in particular. Here's the drift:

By hosting the World Cup, at vast cost, the Qataris are giving not just football
but global secular culture the greatest possible plug. They are encouraging not
just their own people, but all the inhabitants of that tumultuous region -
Iraqis, Iranians, Saudis, Syrians - to plough their restless energy into a
harmless game. And away from terrorism, fundamentalism and dreams of global

Well worth a read.


  1. It will be hot in Qatar . 50 C Phew.
    Plus the stadiums will be built with migration workers from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. Working like slaves in the scorching sun for peanuts.
    Women aren't allowed to do sport in Qatar which isn't exactly in FIFA's 'fairness' campaign.

  2. Funnily enough, I have just been talking to a colleague who used to run a sports and leisure facility in Bahrain, and she was saying exactly the same.

  3. Ah Bahrain. Used to love escaping to there at weekends from it's close neighbour over the causeway. Bacon butties, alcohol and thai birds ;)

  4. Heh. She also said that the worst bit was the Saudis coming over at weekends, not used to drinking, and generally behaving like arses. Glad you were there to show the way :)

  5. Ha ha . Yes Bahrain was fun. One giant knocking shop. Watching the saudis fall off their bar stools in The Diplomat. Or joining the race to freedom over the causeway to Bahrain on a Wednesday afternoon and the slow column back to saudi on a Friday night. Happy Daze.

  6. I trust that FIFA checked when Ramadan will be in 2022?


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