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Saturday, 25 December 2010

Coldest December For A Century

According to the BBC.

Last night was the coldest I can remember. It was -11°C at 9 am today, and it had dipped to -12°C in the night. That's following three consecutive nights at -9°C. This is Pembrokeshire, for God's sake - Gulf Stream, stuck out in the Atlantic, maritime climate and all that. It's unheard-of. The bedroom was 8°C.

The BBC Weather page predicted a -3°C minimum at 10 pm last night. Good to see they can get it almost right six hours in advance. That will make their predictions for 2100 pretty reliable, then.

Right - off to Newgale with the dogs. Have a good day.


  1. We have the 'pleasure' of also being in one of what sems to be the coldest areas of England. Today it's still -10 outside at 11am, this is confirmed by Google weather who show a 'line' of cold temps running due south from Cumbria through the west midlands/welsh borders. It's been around or below -10 many times over the past weeks. Midnight last night I was reading -14. Meanwhile the met office claim it's about -5 minimum, that's been our maximum some days!
    Last time I was in Newgale it was so hot we nearly melted, such is life.

  2. Just, if not more-telling, is not that it's been so 'cold', but the fact that the 'cold' weather has stayed cold for so long.

    As an old geezer with a long memory, I cannot remember a period when the snow has lain unmelted for so long. A sign surely, that we desperately need to add more CO2 to the atmosphere.

    Prof Phil Jones will gain membership of the Magic Circle if he can 'Hide' this decline.

  3. Our front garden still has the snowman I built 6 weeks ago which must be a record. It has never thawed in 6 weeks. Weird.
    But that Monbiot bloke in The Guardian said it was a sure sign of 'global warming'.

  4. Woodsy - I too have been a bit baffled by the Met Office predictions of temperature, which have been as wildly out of kilter with actual measurements here as yours have. Gives you confidence in their long-term predictions, doesn't it?

    Joe/Don - agreed. In my own memory, I have to go back to 63 for snow being around as long as this, and that was in January/February, as I recall, not November/December.

  5. Forget the Gulfstream - it goes somewhere else these days!

    Happy Christmas


  6. It's come back! Pembrokeshire is now - well, warm. Last night it went from freezing at dusk to +5° by dawn, and it's stayed between 5° and 10° all day. All snow gone, chiz chiz ect.


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