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- George Washington

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Pleasant times

I start back on nights from tonight, and Anna really wanted to get her Christmas shopping finished, so off we went into town. In Pembrokeshire, the roads are all clear, although rumours are flying round about gridlock East of Carmarthen and plagues of locusts by Swansea. If last night was (theoretically) Black Friday, then the last Saturday before Christmas must surely be Shit Saturday for a shopophobe like me. But no.

We hit town at lunchtime and the shops were all half empty. We managed to park right outside the main shops, and we were finished within the hour. I even helped an elderly gentleman with the 'pound-in-the-slot' trolleys outside Marks and Spencer. He had never encountered these before and was baffled. He is now unbaffled, much like the Triumph's exhaust pipes*.

I don't know how much online time I will be able to manage over the next week, so posting in the next few days may be sporadic. I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my readers, UK and worldwide (yes, there are some), a very Happy Christmas.

Don't do anything I wouldn't do.

* Obligatory bike reference.


  1. Can't resist pun about something else the biker would like to ride for Christmas

  2. Lol!

    Ahhh, snow! The Beeb was in full SNOWPOCALYPSE!!!! mode today. It quite prevented the useless UKUncut protests in Top Shop, HSBC and Vodaphone from getting any publicity for their antics.


    *stifles a giggle*

  3. @Joe: I reckon that's one of those new bike suits with airbags. Might consider one if they are as well-made as they look.

    @Julia: yep, this weather has its advantages, for sure. The demo made about 30 sec at the end of the news bulletin, but not much impact. It is an interesting position they have - protest against people not breaking any law, but going against the spirit of what the protesters think *ought* to be the law. Worthy of Richard Murphy.

  4. Best to you and Anna, Richard. I'll send you both a Yule Blog.

  5. Thanks Jim. I read that as 'Yule Bog', which serves me right. All the best to you and yours.

  6. Merry Christmas Richard and other bloggers.
    My friend was stuck on the M6 last night near junction 27 ( Chorley)and according to the bbc travel website and the nice man I spoke to on their hotline last night the M6 was totally clear. So don't use the BBC website for travel info.
    Highways agency site was good though. Gave constant updates.

  7. Anna's looking well, then.

    Have a good Christmas, Richard.

  8. That's her with a hangover - shelooks better in real life. And thank you, patently - and the same to you.

  9. But hang on! If you were dragged off to go Christmas shopping and the experience was 'not too bad' it will bugger everything up - everything.

    Unless shopping is hell you aren't able to display the 'coping bravely' face and thereby be let off all sorts of unspeakable obligations until early January. It is like messing about with time - very, very dangerous.

    I plan to go for the enhanced 'brave new man' version which involves both dealing with shopping and a reoccurance of the 'sore knee' (hobbling very slightly while laden down with shopping bags melts all but the most icy female heart in these parts). Much better if the sore knee developed as part of gardening or decorating.

    Have a very good Christmas one and all


  10. And a very good holiday season to you as well Richard, I hope all goes well and we can at least see this bad weather out before TSHTF, so enjoy while you can!

    Am about to drop you a linky thing in my blog roll as a pressie, have fun and can I borrow her when she has a spare hour or two please!

  11. @ Derf: you've played this game before, I see. It's the 'bit of sympathy now Boyce' approach. Still works. Have a good one.

    @ Nomine: thanks for the link. The girl is available at a time to suit you, usual rates.

  12. "Worthy of Richard Murphy".

    Perfect. I'm borrowing that as it is bound to come in handy. Thanks.

  13. And a Happy Christmas to you and Anna, Rich.

    "Don't do anything I wouldn't do."
    Bet that leaves some latitude for mischievousness...

  14. Thanks, Endo - and the same to you and yours.

    Latitude R Us.


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